December 2017

Advent calendar season

Avast open-sources their decompiler

ROBOT Attack

It has been X many days since last TLS disaster

Microsoft Quantum Development Kit
Writing a Quantum Program

AP Christmas Tree

BrickerBot update

Dude destroys tons of equipment, points out internet is broken.

Amazingly, the ISP didn't try to cover up the outage as 
  some kind of network issue, power spike or a bad firmware upgrade. They 
  didn't lie to their customers at all. Instead, they promptly published 
  a press release about their modems having been vulnerable which allowed 
  their customers to assess their potential risk exposure. What did the 
  most honest ISP in the world get for its laudable transparency? Sadly 
  it got little more than criticism and bad press. It's still the most 
  depressing case of 'why we can't have nice things' to me, and probably 
  the main reason for why 99% of security mistakes get covered up and the 
  actual victims get left in the dark. Too often 'responsible disclosure'
  simply becomes a euphemism for 'coverup.'

Send Crypto People Tulips

Like shorting the market, but funnier